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Funds raised to be targeted for Specialist Equipment and Activities for Children with Disabilities

According to Russell Ness, Director of the Wilson Centre for Children with Disabilities, there is a need for in excess of $100,000 to fund the planned programme of special equipment purchases and activities in the next 12 months.

Funds raised from the Antiques Road Show and Family Fun Day on Sunday 28 March, which is being jointly organised to the Rotary Clubs of Takapuna North and Milford for The Wilson Home Trust, will help to close this gap.

Some of the projects in the planned programme include:

  • Purchase of multi-sensory play items for playground use by children with a wide range of impaired faculties, such as blindness, mobility problems, or mental disabilities;
  • A sensory trail through The Wilson Centre’s grounds to enhance the enjoyment of all children in the care of the Centre;
  • An increase range of creative programmes in art, music, drama that involve as wide a range as possible of children with disabilities;
  • Increased numbers of workshops for parents and carers on the best methods of helping children in their care, as well as coping strategies and practices for families with disabled children;
  • Improving the already successful Wellness Expo  held each year at the North Shore Event Centre to raise awareness of disability issues with children, and facilitate improved information and resource knowledge on disability issues in the community.

A key fund raiser on the day will be the Antiques Road Show.  Visitors are asked to bring no more than two family treasure items to be assessed by an expert panel of antiques experts for a donation of $10.  A closed circuit video will show the experts at work while people wait to have their items assessed and will be able to listen in on comments made by the experts by way of an audio feed.

At other fund-raising activities kids will be able to zoom down the Big Slide, jump in the Bouncy Castle and ride the merry-go-round or ferris wheel.  There will be plate smashing and coconut shies stalls for those wanting to demonstrate their accurate ball throwing skills, as well as a Ride-on  Challenge area where balancing skills can be tested on uni-cycles and pogo sticks. There will also be an old fire engine for kids to clamber over and have their photographs taken.

A feature for this year’s event is a Kids’ Arts and Crafts area where tutors from the Lake House Arts Centre in Takapuna will help children create their own sculptures out of ceramic clay, cardboard, recycled materials, tin cans, plastic bottles and items from nature like driftwood, stones and shells as well as adding 3D effects to paintings and drawings.

All proceeds from the event will be donated to The Wilson Home Trust for Children with Disabilities and selected Rotary community projects.


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