The Wilson Home Trust

The legacy of the Wilson Home Trust

The Wilson Home Trust was established in 1937 when Mr.
& Mrs. W R Wilson gifted their family home, and 13 acres of magnificent coastal gardens at Takapuna, for the express benefit of children with disabilities.

Two years earlier the Wilsons had been inspired by an address from noted physician Dr Bernard Myers about the new trends in treating children with polio and other crippling conditions and disabilities. Myers identified the ideal situation being a ‘garden hospital’ – the seed was sown.

The founding Trust Deed was drawn up and fundraising began…

Lord Nuffield, the founder of Morris Motors, contributed £10,000 to the endowment fund. This set in concrete the future of the Wilson Home as a place of convalescence and therapeutic rehabilitation for children, and as an official child disability charity. He had previously gifted £50,000 towards the care and treatment of NZ children who were affected by polio in the 1930s.

For many years, children lived at the Wilson Home while receiving treatment and schooling. By the 1990s attitudes to the care of children with disabilities had changed and greater value was placed on children living in their own home, attending their local school, and participating in their own community.

Evolved as a charitable organisation to become a place of patient therapy

The Ronald Caughey Assessment Centre was opened in 1977 and housed outpatient clinics, a hydrotherapy pool and therapy gyms.   The Wilson Home facilities have increasingly been used for the provision of rehabilitative therapy, respite care, and paediatric clinics.

In 1999 a major re-write of the Trust Deed was undertaken to encompass the facilitation of educational, social and health services throughout the Trust’s area.

The Wilson Home Trust is an official charitable organisation

The Wilson Home Trust is registered with the Charities Commission (Reg. No. CC21396). The title to the entire Wilson Home site is held by Waitemata District Health Board, as trustee for the Wilson Home Trust.