Kids Day Out at 2010 Wilson Home Fete

A fun day for kids is part of this year’s Wilson Home Family Fun Day and Antiques Road Show.

While Mum and Dad are getting an update on the value of the family treasures, kids will be able to zoom down the Big Slide, jump in the Bouncy Castle and ride the merry-go-round or ferris wheel.  There will be plate smashing and coconut shies stalls for those wanting to demonstrate their accurate ball throwing skills, as well as a Ride-on  Challenge area where balancing skills can be tested on uni-cycles and pogo sticks.

A feature for this year’s event is a Kids’ Arts and Crafts area where tutors from the Lake House Arts Centre in Takapuna will help children create their own sculptures out of ceramic clay, cardboard, recycled materials, tin cans, plastic bottles and items from nature like driftwood, stones and shells as well as adding 3D effects to paintings and drawings.

All proceeds from the fete go to The Wilson Home Trust for Children with Disabilities and Rotary Community projects.

Other attractions for kids will include an animal farm, face painting, hair braiding, mini golf and a play pen for small children run by the North Shore City Community Trust.


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